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Yes, the butterfly trick still has its old magic! I call it a trick, but really it s just something that butterflies choose to do.

When I was a child, I stood in the middle of the garden, raised my arm and outstetched my palm, then stood still and waited. Within a few minutes a butterfly alighted on my palm and remained there for several minutes. Ever since then I ve been hooked.

Whenever I tell people, they always look at me in disbelief. Over and over again I’ve had to prove this is quite normal behavior for butterflies.

Butterflies have been landing on my daughter since she was five, and my husband over and over again!

One particular skeptical friend asked for a demonstration, and as we stood in the garden together two butterflies actually landed on her face!

So, if you haven t tried this and would like a close encounter with a butterfly, give it a go, and get back to me.

P.s red admirals and peacocks are the most obliging!

2 Responses to “The butterfly trick”

  1. Scarlett says:

    Will definitely have to give this a try! xx

  2. Romany Soul says:

    Oh you must!x

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