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Sensing death

Many years ago my father died. It was a very slow lingering death, and as he wanted to remain at home, we respected his wishes and nursed him there.

Ten days before he died, I was about to enter the house when I paused as I felt or sensed the strangest atmosphere I’ve ever come across. I have no idea how to describe it, only that it was heavy and rather unpleasant. Each day this atmosphere grew stronger, and heavier until it almost became  unbearable. On the tenth day, my father died and the atmosphere immediately lifted. 

A few years later my dog became seriously ill and there was nothing the vet could do so we kept her as comfortable as possible until that awful time came when she needed to be put to sleep. Three days before she died I sensed the very same oppressive atmosphere I had experienced when my father was dying. When the vet came to the house to put our dog to sleep he said she had only hours to live, and again after her death the atmosphere immediately lifted. The contrast between the atmosphere and it lifting was almost like opening a window and letting the summer air pour in. It was almost like moving from Winter to Spring.

I’ve often wondered if I was sensing death itself, or was picking up on what happens to a body as vital organs naturally begin to shut down, maybe this process releases chemicals that we are susceptible too? 

I’ve heard stories about dogs in nursing homes who have suddenly become devoted to particular patients who have died, and similar stories about cats doing the same thing.

Maybe we have a latent sixth sense that senses death:  maybe as we become more and more removed from nature we are losing such abilities.

2 Responses to “Sensing death”

  1. Scarlett says:

    How strange! I do think the human brain can pick up on so much that we don’t know about so I wouldn’t be surprised x

  2. Romany Soul says:

    I do agree about our brains being capable of so much more than we know about, we only use a tiny fragment…..x

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