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Superstitions and old sayings

This morning I looked at one of my hanging baskets and noticed that it was full of red and white flowers. Instantly I felt uncomfortable…..

Growing up with my Irish Catholic mother, who was riddled with superstition still affects me and my siblings to this day. Not in any dramatic or troubled way you understand, just more of an ingrained thing. Don t get me wrong, my parents were superb! If only I still had them!

Here are a few of my Mum s superstitions…..

If a knife was dropped, it meant an argument or bad luck. To rectify the situation, salt had to be thrown over the right shoulder. [How us kids weren t blinded, Ill never know!]

Green was an unlucky colour. I never found out why, but none of us EVER wore green.

Red and white flowers indicated a death. They were never in a vase together. But you could have red and white with another colour.

My Mum would never travel on a Friday…think this had something to do with Good Friday.

Strangely enough, Friday 13th was OK!

Drinks must always be stirred clockwise. Don t know why!

Sunflowers are lucky, they attract happiness and money.

There must always be salt, bread and coal in the house. To run out of any of these items indicated hard times.

My Dad was not al all superstitious, but was rather fond of quoting sayings at us, such as…….

Don t worry about the bullet that misses you. He did survive the entire 2nd World War in the RAF

A bad workman always blames his tools. We often got that one!

Taking the course of least resistance makes both man and river crooked. A great favourite

I’ve forgotten more that you will ever learn. Used daily!

Handsome is as handsome does. When he thought us girls were getting a little vain!

He/she followed a muckcart and thought it was a wedding. Never understood that one.

The list was endless…….as a child I was puzzled by, “the bees knees” and “Bobs your uncle”….
He also used delicious words like balderdash and codswallop! I don t hear them too often these days!

So if you have any old sayings, especially those your parents used, I d love to hear them……

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  1. Cathy Cawood says:

    I enjoyed reading this post about superstitions. In Japan where I live, white flowers symbolize death, so nobody ever gives all white bouquets unless it is a funeral. Red and white together are the colors of celebration.

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