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Do you believe in Angels


Recently, while spending an evening with a friend, the conversation drifted onto the subject of the paranormal, which led to a discussion about angels.

My friend is interested in all things angels, and asked me if I believed in them, which led me to telling her the following story.

About 8yrs ago while driving home from Blackpool I somehow managed to get myself totally lost. Obviously I’d taken a wrong turn somewhere and was heading for the middle of nowhere.

I was on a dual carriageway and turned left, into the first road I could find, to ring my husband [who has a permanent map in his head] to find out where I was.
He told me I had to turn back and gave me directions.
I noticed as I prepared to pull out, that I hadn’t turned into a road, but the driveway of a church.

I pulled out of the church driveway and took a right turn. As I picked up speed , I came to a bend in the road, and to my utter horror, realized that I had turned right, straight into the oncoming traffic of the dual carriageway. Even worse, I was in the outside lane.

Coming towards me, at great speed, were two cars. I had absolutely nowhere to go and slammed my brakes on. To my left was the crash barrier, in front of me and to my right were oncoming cars.

The car I was on a collision course with also slammed on the brakes.
We came to a stop, bumper to bumper, actually touching each other.

The smell of burning rubber was awful, and I was shaking like a leaf.

Then a guy got out of the car. The car was black and he was dressed in black, even down to his shirt and tie. I wound my window down expecting the dressing down I deserved. However, the man merely gestured for me to reverse back into the church, then actually stopped the oncoming traffic, which was incredibly dangerous as he was actually on a bend and the traffic was bearing down on him!

I was shaking so much I couldn’t ¬†even move the car, I seemed to have frozen. Then, strangely, I heard my fathers voice in my head. “Don t worry about the bullet that misses you. Get off the road!”

This spurred me into action and I reversed back into the driveway of the church.
Without a word, the guy got back into his car and everyone continued on their way without a single injury.
I should have been in a terrible collision that day. The man in the black car somehow prevented it, and got me safely off the road without a single word of retribution for my stupidity.

And so, being in a fanciful mood with my friend I suggested that this man was maybe the Angel of death who decided it just wasn’t my time? Or just a real flesh and blood Angel?

2 Responses to “Do you believe in Angels”

  1. Scarlett says:

    OOF! This put shivers up my spine, you must have a guardian angel xx

    • Romany Soul says:

      Thanks Scarlett. You are my very first visitor so will always be special. I’d love to think I have a guardian angel.x

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