Flower myths and legends

Just as I keep a weather journal, I also keep a flower/plant, myths and legends journal! I love some of the stories attached to flowers, so today I thought I d share a few with you all. The Anemone. There are many legends attached to this flower. In Palestine, it is sometimes referred to as “Blood drops of Christ” as
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The butterfly trick

    Yes, the butterfly trick still has its old magic! I call it a trick, but really it s just something that butterflies choose to do. When I was a child, I stood in the middle of the garden, raised my arm and outstetched my palm, then stood still and waited. Within a few minutes a butterfly alighted on my
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Sensing death

Many years ago my father died. It was a very slow lingering death, and as he wanted to remain at home, we respected his wishes and nursed him there. Ten days before he died, I was about to enter the house when I paused as I felt or sensed the strangest atmosphere I’ve ever come across. I have no idea
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Animal ghosts- RIP my beautiful wolf

After 17 years my Wolf finally got old, and then older, and older still. After having a puppy from six weeks old, it was like having a child.  She began to take life at a sedate pace, but with all her usual enthusiasm. Where I went, she still went, only a little more slowly. I often realized that I was
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Superstitions and old sayings

This morning I looked at one of my hanging baskets and noticed that it was full of red and white flowers. Instantly I felt uncomfortable….. Growing up with my Irish Catholic mother, who was riddled with superstition still affects me and my siblings to this day. Not in any dramatic or troubled way you understand, just more of an ingrained
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Do you believe in Angels

  Recently, while spending an evening with a friend, the conversation drifted onto the subject of the paranormal, which led to a discussion about angels. My friend is interested in all things angels, and asked me if I believed in them, which led me to telling her the following story. About 8yrs ago while driving home from Blackpool I somehow
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